Future of Education Infographic

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The Real Future Of Australian Education

The Real Future Of Australian Education Infographic The effects of the changing job climate and rapid technological advancement are evident across all areas of society and education is no exception. Increasingly, Aussies are concerned about whether the current school curriculum is equipping children with the skills and knowledge needed for the future. And, whether entering […]

The Future Of Education With AR

The Future Of Education With Augmented Reality Infographic Technology in education has made it possible to add a layer of enhanced reality and interactivity, this gives Teachers/tutors opportunity to make learning more realistic and immersive improving retention and deep learning. In a generation where individuals from all age brackets have their personal mobile device, using […]

How Blockchain Could Revolutionize Education Infographic

How Blockchain Could Revolutionize Education Infographic When refugees flee war-torn countries, oftentimes they leave behind any proof of their identities and education level attained, making it near impossible to find work in the field of their greatest talent when they eventually become resettled. There's a potential for blockchain technology to be used to store information […]

What Is The Future Of Education? Infographic

The Future of Education Infographic 50% of all Americans now own either a tablet or an eReader today. 79% of American households have a computer today. 75% of American households have Internet access at home today. 58% of Americans own a smartphone today. 3 x as many college students matriculated with a tablet in 2012 […]

Why The Future of Education is Online Infographic

The Why The Future of Education is Online Infographic explores how the traditional education is being disrupted by online education. In fact, 65% of college and universities now say that online courses are a critical part of their long-term strategy. It is clear that this trend is affecting the main stream population of college and […]

The History of Education Infographic

The Past, Present, and Future of Education Infographic presents the Education in the Ancient World, in the Middle Ages, in the Renaissance, in US, and where Education will be in 20 years. A very interesting educational infographic that could be used to provoke a discussion.