The Future Of Education With AR

The Future Of Education With Augmented Reality Infographic

Technology in education has made it possible to add a layer of enhanced reality and interactivity, this gives Teachers/tutors opportunity to make learning more realistic and immersive improving retention and deep learning.

In a generation where individuals from all age brackets have their personal mobile device, using augmented reality is a cost-effective alternative where the effectiveness of subject content can be amplified by adding relevant visuals; created using 3d models; visible through mobile devices when scanned. Which makes the subject matter more circumstantial and authentic stimulating the imagination of the learner, and makes the learning immersive and engaging.

The Infographic shows how Augmented Reality will change the traditional system of delivering Education.

The Future Of Education With Augmented Reality

Animate Curriculum
Convert 2D books into 3D and keep students engaged by incorporating interactivities.

Customize As Per Need
Give an access to AR content by downloading the AR apps on smartphones/tablets and scanning the marker on textbooks.

AR Pop-up Books
Create AR pop-up books without QR codes which will take interaction to the next level.

Better Skill Training
Present complex Science, Technology and Mathematics theories in the simplest, convenient and comprehensible manner.

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