What Is The Future Of Education? Infographic

The Future of Education Infographic

  • 50% of all Americans now own either a tablet or an eReader today.
  • 79% of American households have a computer today.
  • 75% of American households have Internet access at home today.
  • 58% of Americans own a smartphone today.
  • 3 x as many college students matriculated with a tablet in 2012 as in 2011.
  • 90% of college students and high school seniors see tablets as valuable educational tools
  • 63% of college students and high school seniors believe tablets will transform the way college students learning in the future.
  • 6 in 10 college students prefer digital formats when reading books inside or outside of class.

What is Next About The Future of Education?

  • Augmented reality will offer fun and exciting curricula.
  • Degrees may mean less to employers in the future, instead putting a premium on proven knowledge.
  • The credibility of MOOCs is expected to grow, offering easier access to higher education for free.
  • Integrated touch-screens on each student’s desk will allow students to access supplementary content during lectures, keeping students on task, even if they’re distracted.
  • Touch-screens also give teachers the opportunity to pose impromptu quiz or survey questions with immediate results, encouraging all types of learners to contribute to class discussions.
  • Individual tables will make the student experience more engaging, providing gamified homework lessons that bring course material to life.
  • Physical classrooms will include more technology like computers or tablets at every desk.
  • The proliferation of MOOCs will make higher education more accessible and credible
  • The way teachers teach and the ways students learn will change and adapt as new technologies develop.
Via: http://visual.ly/future-education
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