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Online Education Statistics 2021

Online learning blew up last year. Thanks to the shutting down of schools, universities, and all other major educational institutions, the shift to remote education was swift. As people have become much more acquainted with this mode of instruction, and can often access online platforms to learn at their own pace, the changes could be […]

How Is Artificial Intelligence Transforming The Healthcare Industry?

Poised to become a transformational force in healthcare, AI is changing the world’s highest growth industry. An Increased AI Presence in Healthcare Accuracy is the key in the healthcare industry, and artificial intelligence allows for improved accuracy of many aspects of healthcare, including diagnostics and robot-assisted surgery. More accurate information can lead to better preparations […]

Top 2020 Trends In Higher Education Sector

Top 2020 Trends In Higher Education Sector—Infographic Here are some curated trends in the higher education sector. These trends will give you an overview of what is happening in the sector in 2020. 1. Increased Acceptance Of Online Education With the availability of fast and cheap internet everywhere, more and more institutions are implementing fully […]

A Guide To The Internet Of Things

A Guide To The Internet Of Things—Infographic The Internet of Things is growing at a breathtaking pace. It goes well beyond just connecting sensors and devices. This infographic from WolkAbout looks at the basics around the Internet of Things, as well as how industrial IoT can benefit organizations across markets and what are the key […]

How Emerging Technologies Are Transforming Enterprise Collaboration

How Emerging Technologies Are Transforming Enterprise Collaboration—Infographic Enterprise Collaboration: The Evolution Round table People had to be within the four walls to collaborate on a project. Email and instant messenger Virtual collaboration came into existence. Location and timing were no longer an issue. Social media Social media revolutionized the power of collaboration and networking by […]

How To Get Good Grades In Assignments

How To Get Good Grades In Assignments—Infographic Wondering how you can perform better in assignments and get good grades? Being a student is indeed tough. However, with the right online tutoring assistance, getting good grades in all assignments is convenient and easy. All students have to do is hire an experienced and professional online tutor […]

The Science And Tech Behind Next-Gen Education

The Science And Tech Behind Next-Gen Education—Infographic Re-Imagining Schools Over 9 in 10 educators are interested in the benefits of tech. The Classrooms Of The Future What do educators think? 98% think that interactive video is going to be important to education in the future. 98% anticipate self-paced curriculums. 98% believe video will play an […]

How To Make The Most Of Online Tutoring

How To Make The Most Of Online Tutoring—Infographic The emergence of technology has widened the possibilities of teaching and learning. Education, which otherwise was limited to classrooms, lectures, and physical presence, has now reached the online tutoring arena and is easily accessible through any digital device. Here's a look at key statistics that give an […]

The Rise Of STEM In Schools: Is It Working?

The Rise Of STEM In Schools: Is It Working?—Infographic Over the last decade, the U.S. has seen nearly 2 million new STEM jobs but students’ math and science scores continue to lag behind other nations according to the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). How can schools better prepare them with the badly-needed STEM skills? […]

Top 20 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends To Watch Out For In 2020 And Beyond

Top 20 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends To Watch Out For In 2020 And Beyond—Infographic While there are several predictions and expectations from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related technologies, I feel there will be 20 predominant trends that will dominate AI. "But successfully putting models into production has remained a challenge," Gagné says. "This year will […]

Digital Learning Experience Infographic

Digital Learning Experience—Infographic Digital Classroom Is The Future 62% of students believe that digital learning technology somewhat or greatly increases engagement with course materials. 75% of teachers believe digital learning content will replace printed textbooks within the next 10 years. Current Digital Adoption 62% of K-12 teachers use technology in the classroom daily. 79% of […]