AI In Education: How Are Students Using AI?

AI In Education: How Are Students Using AI?

AI In Education: How Are Students Using AI? —Infographic

To understand the usage of AI in education, Caktus AI completed a survey of active AI users from around the globe, ranging from elementary students to university students. The results provide an enlightening look into what students are using AI for, how much trust they have in programs, whether they consider it as cheating, and how they think their teachers are using it.

The Results

75.2% of surveyed students use AI for writing help. This can include essay writing, creative writing, proofreading, brainstorming, and more. General homework help also showed up, with 69.5% of surveyed students using AI for things such as answering questions, explaining difficult concepts, and learning more about topics.

49.2% of surveyed students use AI to find academic sources. This can include finding sources for research and finding sources to help them complete assignments. This can be a hit-or-miss depending on which AI tool is used; for example, some generally trained AI tools are openly known to showcase sources that don’t exist.

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