Bullying Infographic

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Is Your Child Being Bullied Online? Infographic

Is Your Child Being Bullied Online? Infographic Cyberbullying is the act of intimidating, harassing or threatening somebody through a range of technologies including texting, social media and email. Children of all ages can be affected, bullying is no longer limited to the school playground and parents have every right to be aware of the potential […]

Stop Bullying! Infographic

Stop Bullying! Infographic Bullying is a huge problem in schools (and elsewhere) despite massive strides made in the last few decades.The Stop Bullying! Infographic presents some of the more shocking statistics about bullying. Shocking statistics about bullying Nearly 1 in 3 students (27.8%) report being bullied during the school year. 64% of children who were bullied did […]

How to Prevent Classroom Bullying Infographic

Bullying in the classroom is an ongoing issue that teachers have to deal with. The How to Prevent Classroom Bullying Infographic depicts the Top 10 ways to deal with bullying in the classroom: Role modeling Oral repetition Build skills Role play Create a safe environment Be a mediator Community meetings Literature Communication journals Include parents

The Parents' Guide to Bullying Infographic

Although bullying has reached epidemic proportions, it often remains shockingly misunderstood, even by many of those whose role is to be the first line of protection and help for our children. Some parents still consider being bullied a normal part of childhood. It isn’t. Some think that being bullied online isn’t “real” bullying. It is. […]

Cyberbullying Infographic Plus 11 Tips for Educators and Parents

Cyberbullying Infographic Plus 11 Tips for Educators and Parents 6 Tips for Educators Teach that cyberbullying is wrong. Listen and respond to all reports of bullying. Have students work on projects against cyberbullying. Have a system for complaints to be documented. Host speakers on the topic of bullying. Ensure that school is a safe place; […]

What is Bullying? Infographic

Bullying is intentional aggressive, hurtful behavior! This month marks the eighth annual National Bullying Prevention Month – a campaign dedicated to educating and raising awareness of bullying and how it can be prevented. Bullying can ruin the lives of those affected and victims are often too scared or embarrassed to speak out. As a parent, […]