Cyberbullying Infographic Plus 11 Tips for Educators and Parents

Cyberbullying Infographic Plus 11 Tips for Educators and Parents

6 Tips for Educators

  1. Teach that cyberbullying is wrong.
  2. Listen and respond to all reports of bullying.
  3. Have students work on projects against cyberbullying.
  4. Have a system for complaints to be documented.
  5. Host speakers on the topic of bullying.
  6. Ensure that school is a safe place; free from cyberbullying.

5 Tips for parents

  1. Unconditional support.
  2. Inform the child of options in dealing with the bully.
  3. Work with school officials.
  4. Work with the parents of the bully.
  5. Contact IT providers to get content removed and bullies blocked.
  6. If necessary, contact the police.

Cyberbullying is real and often more emotionally brutal than traditional bullying.
Stay informed and protect your children because sometimes words hurt more than sticks and stones.

Best Education Degrees explores this issue in the Cyberbulling infographic.

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