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Is Your Child Being Bullied Online? Infographic

Is Your Child Being Bullied Online? Infographic

Cyberbullying is the act of intimidating, harassing or threatening somebody through a range of technologies including texting, social media and email. Children of all ages can be affected, bullying is no longer limited to the school playground and parents have every right to be aware of the potential signs that their child may be showing if they’re a victim of cyberbullying.

An electronic form of torment, online harassment can take place at anytime, anywhere and with anybody. It is becoming increasingly easier for children as young as 8/9 to be involved in these types of online crimes and is usually repeated consistently with deliberately offensive or threatening intentions.

The internet is such a fast paced environment; posts, tweets and images can be shared and immediately viewed and shared again with others, a snowball or viral effect can then occur. Bullying online can also appear in the form of a child posting rumours or spreading gossip about someone else and can lead to the extent of personally victimising others by disclosing material that could seriously humiliate others. The internet can easily form hatred in our children’s minds and because of this, a growing amount become victims of negative communication which can ultimately result in depression and even death.

In addition to the places on the internet where bullying frequently occurs, like social media platforms and instant messaging including Snapchat, Whatsapp, BBM and iMessage, cyberbullying can also occur through gaming. Via online gaming chat features the uneducated and vulnerable can easily fall victim to being ridiculed and picked on.

The Is Your Child Being Bullied Online? Infographic is a visual help for parents who may be worried or concerned about their children experiencing cyberbullying. It is packed with statistical facts and information about online crime and the article provides additional help for parents wanting to take the next step.

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