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The 12 Agile Principles

The 12 Agile Principles—Infographic Agile Project Management is becoming more popular on projects and is rapidly replacing more traditional project methods and approaches. So, what makes agile so popular? Well, we think it’s because agile has certain advantages compared with traditional ways of approaching projects. Traditionally, projects assumed that requirements were known at the start. […]

Learning Agility For Enterprises - Infographic

Learning Agility For Enterprises - Infographic To measure a workforce’s agility, L&D professionals need to think beyond just ‘training’ and deploying learning and development programs that set a culture of lifelong learning among the employees. Modern L&D programs are supposed to work as a development platform that bundles learning with work to develop agility among […]

Top 10 Agile Fails Infographic

Top 10 Agile Fails Infographic Your Team Lacks Freedom of Movement Your team must be empowered with freedom of movement and decision. This means engaging the team members to fully participate in planning. It also requires the team to be polled for their insights on the proposed approach to each sprint. And you as the […]