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Adult Learning Theory Infographic

Adult Learning Theory - Knowles' Four Principles of Andragogy Malcolm Shepherd Knowles (1913 – 1997) was an American educator who identified the characteristics of adult learners and created the principles of adult learning theory. Using the adult learning theory principles that Knowles identified helps you deliver effective training by helping you meet the unique needs of […]

Adult Life and Learning Infographic

Adult Life and Learning Infographic There is no such thing as a typical college student anymore. Students of every age are taking advantage of the multitude of continuing education options available to them.The Adult Life and Learning Infographic analyses how students have embraced this evolution of further education, as well as exploring other important considerations, such […]

Critical Need for Compliance Training Infographic

Critical Need for Compliance Training Infographic Based on a recent report from Brandon Hall Group, compliance training is a huge focus for organizations accountable to outside agencies. As a matter of fact, two-thirds of companies surveyed depend on this critical training to implement their business strategies. Survey results also show compliance training is very often […]

Disengaged at Work Infographic

Disengaged at Work? You're Not Alone A recent Dale Carnegie research study found a staggering percentage of employees were disengaged. Although many factors impact employee engagement, the research identified three key drivers: relationship with immediate supervisor, belief in senior leadership and pride in working for the company. Results show that a manager's attitude and actions are […]

Remarkable Rise in Mobile Learning Usage Infographic

According to new figures from the Towards Maturity's 2013/2014 Benchmark Study, a remarkable percentage of organizations deployed mobile learning in 2013—much greater than in 2012. Reasons for this include rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets in the workplace, HTML5 and the trend toward bring your own device (BYOD) policies. Furthermore, the study found the use […]

eLearning Dramatically Increases Retention Rates Infographic

eLearning dramatically increases the rate at which learners retain information. Why? Because learners have more control over their own learning process and the ability to retake training as needed. The Research Institute of America found that 33 minutes after leaving a lecture, only 58% of the material covered is retained. Seven days later, that drops […]

What Employees Crave Most for Career Growth Infographic

Recent research by staffing firm Randstad has outlined several factors employees deem as most important to workplace fulfillment and happiness, one of which pertains to boosting their own career. The study found that employees crave learning opportunities to enhance their skillsets and growth within an organization. Better engagement is achieved by companies who satisfy this […]

Adult Education Back to School Infographic

Adult Education Back to School Infographic Millions of workers are returning to college or graduate school to further their educations and seek additional training, due in part to recession trends in U.S. economy. The number of adults age 30 and over enrolled in some form of higher education is currently 5.5 million, a 322% increase […]