Disengaged at Work Infographic

Disengaged at Work Infographic

Disengaged at Work? You're Not Alone

A recent Dale Carnegie research study found a staggering percentage of employees were disengaged. Although many factors impact employee engagement, the research identified three key drivers: relationship with immediate supervisor, belief in senior leadership and pride in working for the company.

Results show that a manager's attitude and actions are pivotal in creating an atmosphere where employees become disengaged or conversely, in making employees feel inspired, enthusiastic and empowered to achieve higher levels of performance.

In addition, engaged employees believe senior leadership will accept their input, lead the company in the right direction and openly communicate the state of the organization.

Other factors affecting engagement include treating employees with respect, reflecting employees' personal values and demonstrating that the organization cares about how employees feel.

Via: http://mnalearning.com/resource_view.php?id=89
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