What You Should Know Before Studying Violin Infographic

What You Should Know Before Studying Violin Infographic

What You Should Know Before Studying Violin Infographic

Many people take up learning the violin every year, which can be a very enjoyable experience. Knowing what challenges you will face along the way will reduce the likelihood of you quitting when the going gets tough.

Some of the tips outlaid here can be useful for someone thinking of taking up any musical instrument, especially if it is from the string family, but some of these challenges are specific just to the violin.

We hope that you enjoy reading the What You Should Know Before Studying Violin Infographic and perhaps you will be inspired by it. Either way, the main thing is that you should enjoy playing the violin, just persevere (in whatever you do) and you will forever be grateful.

The What You Should Know Before Studying Violin Infographic gives you a sneak peak of the challenges and some quick tips on how you can overcome them:

1. You Won’t Be Able To Play Perfectly Immediately

Learning a new skill takes time, start slowly & once you have mastered the basics the rest will follow.

2. Stringed Instruments Can Cause You Pain

Pressing your fingers against the violin strings can take its toll on your fingertips. Once you’ve been playing for a while, it won’t bother you as much.

3. Travelling Light May No Longer Be An Option

Riding home on your bicycle or taking a stroll through the town may not be as easy when you are schlepping your instrument with you. Flying abroad? You may need to book an extra piece of luggage.

4. It Can Be Tempting To Quit

When you keep missing that chord or losing the beat you may be tempted to give up - but prevail & you will forever be grateful.

5. Tuning Can Be A Challenge

When you start out you will have trouble getting it tuned correctly. Training your ear can take some experience!

6. Ouch! What’s That Pain In Your Neck?

The chin rest may cause you a little discomfort if it rubs against your neck, be wary of getting a stiff neck from holding it in awkward positions.

7. There Will Always Be Someone Better Than You!

No matter how good you are at playing the violin, there will always be someone better than you.

8. There Is Always More To Learn

You will never be finished learning, even professional musicians always have room for improvement. The more you practice, the better you will sound.

9. You’ll Need To Play At Every Family Party

Your family will always want to show off your talent. Having a party? Don’t forget your violin!

10. A Violin Can Be Delicate

Make sure that you have a quality case for your violin, as they are delicate & can get cracked or chipped if they are not well protected.

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