How Recruiters Read Your CV Infographic

How Recruiters Read Your CV Infographic

How Recruiters Read Your CV Infographic

An impressive CV is crucial in the pursuit of your next career move; but how much do you know about the recruiters you are trying to impress? Which areas of your CV do they study most? How do they like to see the information presented? How do you ensure that they actually read your CV?

By having an understanding of what recruiters look for in a CV and the challenges they face in their roles; you can create a CV that instantly connects with them and wins consistent job interviews for you.

This insightful infographic from StandOut CV shows how recruiters will review your CV and how you should adapt if accordingly

Recruiters need to open your CV firstly

Recruiters receive an average of 118 CVs for every job they advertise so it’s sometimes impossible for them to open every one they receive. When a job is popular and completion is high, a strong cover note is needed to ensure that your CV is opened.

Recruiters will skim-read your CV for skill and knowledge

If a recruiter has opened your CV, the very first thing they will do, is spend 6-10 seconds scanning the CV for the essential skills and knowledge. If your CV doesn’t pass this quick scan, then it’s likely that the recruiter will close your CV down and move on to the next one. To ensure that your CV makes an instant impact when opened, make it easy to read and highlight the skills that are relevant to your target roles.

Recruiters focus on your current role

Your current or most recent role is by far the biggest indicator of what you are capable of at this stage of your career; so recruiters will spend a lot of time studying this section of your CV. Write about your current role in great detail to give recruiters lots of information and show exactly what you have contributed to your employer. Older roles can be shortened down and summarised to save space on your CV.

Recruiters look for numbers

Facts and figures are excellent indicators of value for recruiters because they give an idea of the scale of impact you have created. So recruiters love to see numbers on your CV that quantify the results you have achieved for yourself, employers and clients.

Recruiters scare easily

Recruiters have to maintain good relationships with hiring managers and clients by providing high quality candidates to vacancies. Providing just 1 bad candidate to a hiring manager can ruin a recruiter’s reputation and sometimes even deter the hiring manager from working with the recruiter again For this reason, recruiters are very careful about the candidates they recommend and the smallest errors or inconsistencies can deter them from shortlisting you.

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