The Asia Mobile Learning Infographic

The Asia Mobile Learning Infographic

The Asia Mobile Learning Infographic

Please take out your phone, tablet or laptop for a second, flip it over and check where it was produced. In 99% of cases your devices were either produced or assembled in Asia, the biggest industrial producer of mobile devices. Now imagine this same continent, with its huge penetration of devices, getting access to 4G and experiencing incredibly fast economic growth. The result of these three factors combined is the natural development of mobile learning strategies. The Asia Mobile Learning Infographic presents you with data about the Mobile Learning Market in Asia, and its future.

Mobile Market

Smartphone penetration:

  • Singapore & Hong Kong = 87%
  •  Malaysia (80%)
  • Australia (75%)
  • China (71%) (Source: Nielsen report)

Mobile internet user base in India:

  • Today: 155 million+
  • By 2017: 480 million (3x increase)

Mobile Learning Market

  • Mobile Learning revenues in Asia:
    - $2.6 billion in 2012
    - $6.8 billion by 2017 (Source: Ambient Insight)
  • Device makers and telecoms = major competitors in the Asia mobile learning market
  • Mobile learning = primary learning technology
  • The perfect pair: Inexpensive smartphones & 4G networks = enables mlearning
  • Device makers and educational publishers offer education bundles with content, preloaded on tablets
  • 200 million+ subscribers use mobile learning VAS products
  • Mobile Learning VAS revenues will increase 4x

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