The Europe Mobile Learning Infographic

The Europe Mobile Learning Infographic

Mobile Learning in the Europe Infographic

Europe Mobile Market

  • 2013: 403 million unique mobile subscribers in Europe
    This number will increase to 417 million in 2017 (Source: GSMA)
  • Ukraine:
    • 59 million users
    • 22nd in the worldwide list of countries for mobile penetration (Source: The World Factbook)
  • 2013: over 67.5% of mobile users used their devices for accessing the mobile web

Europe Mobile Learning Market

Western Europe:

  • By end of 2012: 24 countries had a mobile penetration rate above 100%
  • High demand for:
    • packaged mobile learning content
    • custom content development services
  • Samsung is a major competitor in the mobile learning market
  • The consumer demand for mobile learning has become strong due to direct carrier billing agreements
  • September 2013: European Union launched the Opening up Education program
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives are becoming common

Eastern Europe

  • Aggregate growth rate is 14.7%
  • 4 countries have higher growth rates: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine (Source: Ambient Insight)
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