11 Tips To Keep Your Students Focused Infographic

At the 11 Tips To Keep Your Students Focused Infographic you will find 11 tips that will help you keep your students focused in classroom.

  1. Keep food on your desk. Glucose help your brain focus.
  2. Turn off the phone. Most phone calls are not urgent.
  3. Get a good chair. There is a reason- bosses don’t seat on cheap chairs.
  4. Time yourself and see how much you did in 1 hour.
  5. Shut off everything that you are not really using.
  6. Clear your desk completely.
  7. Put on headphones. Classical music or no music is best for focusing.
  8. Make a list. Make it short.
  9. Reward yourself. If you get focused, be proud of yourself.
  10. Frame a picture of your goal. And look at it every morning before work.
  11. Bring your pet with you. They help you focus
Via: http://fundersandfounders.com/focus-hacks/
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