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Identity Thieves Heart College Students Infographic

Identity Thieves Heart College Students Infographic

Identity theft is a 16 billion dollar problem which affects close to 13 million people a year! To put it into perspective that is the same as virtually every college student enrolled in a 4-year degree program across the States!

The folks at Javelin Strategy publish an annual report on identity theft, this year they highlighted the fact that college students sit in one of the highest risk categories yet held the least amount of concern of becoming an statistic.

The perception is that the huge increase in time we all spend online is to blame for the rapid rise of identity theft cases. In fact online identity theft still accounts for just 15% of all ID theft cases. Contrast this with 44% of cases resulting from a stolen wallet or purse.

Without a double the majority of identity theft still happens through low-tech methods.

We’re not saying you should become a paranoid nutter who’s forever worried about getting your identity stolen. Just a handful of safeguards will dramatically drop your chances of having to work your way down the horrible recovery steps on The Identity Thieves Heart College Students Infographic has 6 easily actionable tips for better protecting yourself.


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