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The Grad’s Ultimate Guide For Finding A Job Infographic

The Grad’s Ultimate Guide For Finding A Job Infographic

How well do you think you’re prepared to enter the workforce? Statistics from Accenture say that in the Class of 2016, 77% of graduates believed their colleges prepared them well. Do you see yourself in those statistics?

It’s very common for college grads looking for their first job to think they are well prepared. A report commissioned by the Association of American Colleges & Universities and conducted by Hart Research Associates confirms it.

However, it also says one additional important thing. Your potential employers wouldn’t agree. According to the report, there were large discrepancies between how college students assess their preparedness and how employers assess it. In fact, when looking at skills such as working in teams, critical thinking, oral communication, staying current on developments in science, students consistently rate themselves better than employers rate them.

But don’t panic! It is still possible to get jobs for college grads, and if you want to know how they do it, you’re at the right place. It takes a little know-how, you see, about important things like where and how to look for a job, write a resume, and prepare for an interview. Working on those skills employers find important also won’t hurt. It helps a lot, actually, so let’s start there.

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