Empowering Students to Achieve Infographic

Empowering Students to Achieve Infographic

Empowering Students to Achieve Infographic

Every 26 seconds, a student in the U.S. drops out of high school—a total of roughly 1.2 million students per year. United Way of Central Maryland is fighting for struggling students in our region with On Track 4 Success, a program that connects at-risk children with academic coaching, counseling, health resources and more to get them back on the path to graduation. Learn about the need for early intervention, the economic impact of students who fall off track, and the success of the pilot program in Empowering Students to Achieve Infographic.

United Way Fights for Student Success

Two out of 25 students won’t graduate in central Maryland. In our most challenged communities, that number rises to as many as 10 in 25.

Without a high school diploma, life can be an uphill battle. Ineligible for 90% of the jobs in this country, high school dropouts are more likely to:

  • Earn significantly less over the course of their working life
  • Have health issues and die younger
  • Become incarcerated
  • Establish a cycle of poverty for themselves and their families

Together with the support of its partners, local schools and businesses in the community, United Way is fighting for a better education and future for students in struggling neighborhoods with On Track 4 Success: An early-warning education program to help young students stay and succeed in school with the goal of graduating high school.

Piloted in 2017, United Way’s goal is to expand On Track 4 Success in schools across central Maryland and help more at-risk students stay in school, on track for graduation and prepared to pursue a career or attend college.

Via: http://www.uwcm.org/main/fighting-education-central-maryland-need-impact-answer/
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