Should I Do my homework? Infographic

Should I Do my homework? Infographic

Should I Do My Homework? Infographic

Over the past years, there has been a continuous debate regarding homework. Some critics' opinion is that there is no evidence that homework helps in student achievement, while others believe that homework is helpful and necessary and it was designed for students to practice the concepts they have been taught in class, reflect on their own learning and build good study habits.
There are two main questions regarding this issue, but unfortunately no answer yet. Is there too much homework? Is there too little?

Homework has both pros and cons. The advantages of homework range from better retention of factual knowledge increased understanding and better study habits and management skills to greater parental involvement in schooling and stronger critical thinking skills. On the other hand, too many home assignments can lead to potential loss of interest in academics, decreased leisure time and family activities, physical and emotional fatigue, increased pressure from parents to perform well and increased opportunities for cheating.

Everybody knows that most of the students will say that they hate homework. But what about celebrities? Did they hate it too or they saw the benefits of having home assignments? This infographic shows what celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo or Wentworth Miller thought about doing their homework back in their school years.

Scientists have done many types of research on homework, but the most comprehensive seems to be the one done by Duke University psychology professor Harris Cooper back in 2006. He discovered a positive connection between homework and student achievement. This means that students who did their home assignments performed better in school. The results were better for older students (7th - 12th grade) compared to those in younger grades.

Homework is like medication. If you take too little than the recommended dose, it has no effect. If you take too much, it will make you feel worse. But if you take the right amount, you will get better.
Done in moderation, home assignments improve the student's tests results and his/her overall academic performance. Homework also develops discipline, good working and studying habits throughout adolescence, making the student become later in life a responsible adult that is capable of dealing with the everyday challenges.

All in all, homework has a well-meant purpose. It is not, as many children might believe, a mischievous method invented by teachers to torture their students. But let's see what these celebrities have to say about their school years and their homework. Some of their answers might really surprise you.

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