Digital Learning Experience Infographic

Digital Learning Experience—Infographic

Digital Classroom Is The Future

  • 62% of students believe that digital learning technology somewhat or greatly increases engagement with course materials.
  • 75% of teachers believe digital learning content will replace printed textbooks within the next 10 years.

Current Digital Adoption

  • 62% of K-12 teachers use technology in the classroom daily.
  • 79% of students daily use devices for learning.

 Digital Learning Is Challenging

  • 34% of education professionals cite internet safety as the #1 digital challenge
  • 32.5% of education professionals find device management as their biggest challenge.

Impact Of Digitization

  1. K-12 schools experienced 122 cyberattacks in 2018.
  2. A new cybersecurity incident strikes K-12 schools nearly every three days.
  3. Administrators don't have control over the way students and teachers access devices and consume content.

Mitigate Risk

A mobile device management (MDM) solution can help you manage and secure your devices and data apps.

What MDM Can Do

  • Device and application management
  • Enforce institute level security policies
  • Remotely control managed devices
  • Control student's access to unproductive websites, applications, and digital resources
  • Device health monitoring, location tracking, and security alerts
  • Ensure device-level security with passcode and remote device lock/unlock
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