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5 Exam Preparation Tips Τo Help You Ace Your Test

5 Exam Preparation Tips Τo Help You Ace Your Test—Infographic Get ready to excel on your upcoming exams with these 5 essential preparation tips. From effective study strategies to time management techniques, these tips will help you boost your confidence and perform your best on test day. Start Studying Early Create A Study Plan Practice, […]

15 Ways To Improve Emotional Intelligence

15 Ways To Improve Emotional Intelligence—Infographic Emotional intelligence stimulates you both in the workplace and in private life, but it all starts inside of you. From your self-confidence, empathy, optimism, social skills and self-control, understanding and managing your own emotions can accelerate success in all areas of your life. Whether you are in a professional […]

8 Online Learning Trends Created By eLearners

8 Online Learning Trends Created By eLearners—Infographic The numbers are saying that today over 6 million students are somehow enrolled in virtual learning. There are no limits or restrictions over what you can teach. Learners are permitted to explore anything that interests them. Plus, online education is growing rapidly. Undergraduate participation in virtual learning in […]

Kids Online Learning Statistics 2020

Education in 2020 has made a significant shift to the online classroom and remote learning. Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of CodeWizardsHQ, we surveyed 2,000 American parents of school-aged children and examined both parents and students’ biggest challenges with digital learning during this unique school year. Top statistics include: - 94% of American parents are […]

9 Ways To Assess Student Learning Online

Assessment is simply the process of gathering information on what students know based on their educational experience. Assessment results are typically used to identify areas for improvement and ensure that course content meets learning needs. Obviously, assessments are about more than just grades. When meaningful and well-constructed, they help students gear up for success by […]

Educational Technology: How Technology Is Changing Teaching

Educational Technology: How Technology Is Changing Teaching—Infographic Educational technology comes in many forms including websites, apps, and online courses, and is effective when used both inside the classroom alongside other teaching methods and at home for self-study. Educational technology has many benefits in teaching and overcomes many of the boundaries that traditional methods of teaching […]

A Guide To The Internet Of Things

A Guide To The Internet Of Things—Infographic The Internet of Things is growing at a breathtaking pace. It goes well beyond just connecting sensors and devices. This infographic from WolkAbout looks at the basics around the Internet of Things, as well as how industrial IoT can benefit organizations across markets and what are the key […]

Student Data Privacy Guide

Student Data Privacy Guide—Infographic With the influx of EdTech tools, it's vital to protect your students' information online. Anything that can identify a student, whether standalone or combined with other information, is considered PII. From 2018 to 2019, cases of student data breaches involving PII tripled. Student data privacy laws only go so far to […]

How To Get Good Grades In Assignments

How To Get Good Grades In Assignments—Infographic Wondering how you can perform better in assignments and get good grades? Being a student is indeed tough. However, with the right online tutoring assistance, getting good grades in all assignments is convenient and easy. All students have to do is hire an experienced and professional online tutor […]

How To Make The Most Of Online Tutoring

How To Make The Most Of Online Tutoring—Infographic The emergence of technology has widened the possibilities of teaching and learning. Education, which otherwise was limited to classrooms, lectures, and physical presence, has now reached the online tutoring arena and is easily accessible through any digital device. Here's a look at key statistics that give an […]