Different Ways Kids Play Infographic

Different Ways Kids Play Infographic

Different Ways Kids Play Infographic

Childhood play is an opportunity for kids to have fun and experience life and gives them the learning they need in order to develop physically, mentally and emotionally. Kids enjoy playing and while doing so, they learn how to interact and develop their social skills by making friends, solve situational and analytical problems and grow further. The Different Ways Kids Play Infographic helps teachers and patents understand the types of play that kids are involved in and presents how they could truly take advantage of play.

Role Playing

Dramatic play: Kids take on roles within games about familiar experiences.
Fantsay play: A play that involves props and costumes, as they engage in fantasy adventures.

Exploration Centric

Explore the properties and functions of materials, equipment and objects. Kids experiment with a tool to find out how it works. Few examples: star constellations exploration, magnifying glass viewing.

Constructive Play

Children manipulate and explore objects, parts and materials. Threading beads, doing puzzles, using construction sets, dress up dolls, using scissors to cut straws, paper, card, fabric and wool.

Communication Exercise Play

Play using words, nuances or gestures - mimes, jokes, guess the word, singing, fill in the blanks music lyrics etc.

Social Play

Play with social engagement and interaction with playmates - team sports, party games like musical chairs, sack race, newspaper.

Physical Play

Explore movements and ways to combine movements — running and playing ball, jumping, climbing, dancing, moving on an obstacle course.

Competitive Play

A mix of different types of play but centered to the competitive environment of the play - a basketball league for kids can become competitive, a soccer match against two teams can always become a competition.

Games with Rules

Children follow or create rules to reach a shared objective in a game — playing outdoor games, following child-created games with rules, playing computer, board and card games.

Via: http://blog.afterschool.ae/2014/10/06/types-of-kids-play/
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