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Different Ways Kids Play Infographic

Different Ways Kids Play Infographic Childhood play is an opportunity for kids to have fun and experience life and gives them the learning they need in order to develop physically, mentally and emotionally. Kids enjoy playing and while doing so, they learn how to interact and develop their social skills by making friends, solve situational […]

Why Childhood Education Is Important Infographic

The Why Childhood Education Is Important Infographic explores how future success in life can often be predetermined by the quality of early education. The infographic also explores the often overlooked importance of the role the parent plays, especially the Mother. How important is it for Moms to stay at home with their children during early […]

The Importance of Pre-School Education Infographic

9 Benefits of Early Learning Improved social skills Reduction in special needs services Better academic performance Longer attention spans An increase of informational retention Higher graduation rates at the high school level Reduced behavioral problems throughout school career Reduction in crime affiliations Furthermore, every dollar that taxpayers spend on early-education averages out to thirteen dollars […]