How To Combine Animated And Self-Recorded Videos In Your Courses

How To Combine Animated And Self-Recorded Videos In Your Courses—Infographic

Why should you include animation in your self-recorded courses?

What Self-Recorded Courses Are Lacking

  • Abstract ideas
    Difficulties in explaining abstract and complex things
  • Tricky editing
    Change your mind? Film it again.
  • Attention lost
    Lecturer talking on screen for hours is not that fun.

How Animated Videos Solve It

  • Learning Outcomes
    Visualize and simplify abstract things easily
  • Easy editing
    Editing after delivery is not cost and time-consuming
  • Engagement
    Entertaining images with sounds motivate students to learn

Additional Benefits Of Animation

  • Appealing: Improve the professional look
  • Unique: Demonstrates your brand's culture and personality

How To Combine Animation And Self-Recorded Videos In Online Courses

Animation/ Self-Recorded

  • You present an abstract or complicated theory.
  • You want to add humor to the lessons.
  • You want to tell an inspiring and funny story.
  • You want to explain realistic ideas.
  • You want to give a real-life example
  • You want to enhance the learner–lecturer connection.
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