Infographic On Top 10 Benefits Of Blended Training

Infographic On Top 10 Benefits Of Blended Training

Organizations are now opting to convert their Instructor Led Training (ILT) to a fully online or a blended approach. Adopting a blended training approach offers multiple benefits for both the learner as well as the organization. It is also a “middle of the road” approach between the fully facilitated Instructor Led Training (ILT) and online training. So, both the training delivery formats are achieved, which is also known as “hybrid training.”

Here are top 10 benefits that blended training offers both the learners as well as the organizations.

The blended training approach works best because learners need more flexibility with what they want to learn and would like to see a combination of both instructor led sessions and self-paced online trainings. Organizations also feel the need to adopt this approach because of the challenges on budgets, limited trainers, and to reach a spread-out audience in a shorter time.

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