Converting Your ILT Resources To eLearning: 5 Questions To Consider

Converting Your ILT Resources to eLearning: 5 Questions to Consider

Converting Your ILT Resources To eLearning: 5 Questions To Consider—Infographic

Organizations need to pay heed to important questions that directly influence how the conversion process will take place. Here are 5 such questions that will help organizations take control of their conversion project.

1. Do You Have A Strong Business Case For ILT Conversion?

Find out how eLearning can supplement or complement the training and the overall cost of implementing the conversion. Reach more learners quickly and in their native language.

2. Which Components Of ILT Do You Wish To Convert To eLearning?

Convert content that covers learning outcomes at knowledge, comprehension, and simple application levels.

3. Did You Eliminate Nice-To-Know From Need-To-Know Information?

Layer the content into need-to-know information through performance-based learning objectives.

4. Have You Formulated An Instructional Strategy For Your Content?

Employ scenario-based learning, learning through exploration and discovery (LEAD), and game-based learning.

5. What Authoring Tool To Use To Ensure A Smooth Conversion?

You can use iSpring, which is simple and fast, Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline, which are interactive and mobile-friendly, or Articulate Rise and Lectora Inspire, which are responsive and multi-device compatible.

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