Blended Learning Infograpics

What is Blended Learning Infographic

What is Blended Learning Infographic

Blended learning is now the strategy of choice for most major employers across the world – but few are taking full advantage of the opportunities it presents. Blended solutions can be so much more powerful than just simple combinations of classroom and eLearning, instead assisting the employee on every step of their learning journey. The What is Blended Learning Infographic provides a broad-ranging, contemporary description of blended learning as defined in the book More Than Blended Learning (Clive Shepherd, 2015). More Than Blended Learning (>BL) is a refreshingly different but simple new approach to the design of learning solutions. Blended solutions combine contrasting learning methods and media in order to maximise effectiveness and efficiency. The More Than Blended Learning approach goes a step further to ensure the blend results in application to real-world tasks and the learner is supported along the whole length of their learning journey.

The What is Blended Learning Infographic looks at four possible ways in which a blend can be accomplished, including the delivery channel, communication mode, learning strategy and social context. It also provides a summary of current research on the efficacy of blended learning (do people like it, does it work), an analysis of what goes into typical blends, as well as a summary of the typical barriers encountered by those looking to implement a blended learning approach.


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