The App Aided College Student Infographic

App Aided College Student

The App Aided College Student Infographic

Visit a college campus recently? Libraries are more like study halls. They give students a quiet place to work and function less and less as a place to find information. Why? In short: because of the Internet. For the current generation, technology has completely changed the college experience. The App Aided College Student Infographic provides a breakdown of how technology is revolutionizing student learning at the college level.

How Technology is Revolutionizing Student Learning

Always Connected

In college, nearly everyone uses the internet and owns internet-connected technology:

  • Laptop 85%
  • Smartphone: 69%
  • Tablet 36%
  • E-reader 21%

These devices are revolutionizing the way students study and socialize in their college experience.

Transforming the Learning Experience

  • Students have greater access to course materials than ever before. PowerPoint lectures, course documents, and syllabi can be downloaded from the class website if a student misses lecture.Many lectures are recorded, and can be viewed online for further use while studying.
  • E-mail communication increases. Questions do not have to wait until office hours, as students can directly communicate with their professors. Changes to assignments, due dates, etc. can be sent to students so they are in the know before class.
  • Online courses are growing in popularity. The flexibility online courses provide allow students greater ability to balance school, work, and socializing.
  • Increased Access, Increased Competition: Internet applications allow students to apply to schools in a quicker and more efficient manner. As a result of this, students are applying to more schools, and acceptance rates are dropping due to the higher competition.
  • Social Media, Blogs and Forums: Potential students have access to current students and their experiences. Blogs, social media and college forums show a broader view of the college and help potential students see if they are a good fit.
Studying apps
  • EVERNOTE: Keeps notes, video audio recordings and screenshots synced across all devices
  • STUDYBLUE: Make your own digital flashcards or borrow someone else's with ease!
  • EASYBIB: Citations are a pain, but with this app they are easily created in any style format!
  • DICTIONARY MOBILE: What does that word mean? Always know with this app on your phone.

Transforming The Social Experience

Apps are revolutionizing the social aspect of college as well!

  • FACEBOOK: The quintessential social networking platform. Stay connected with old friends, and get acquainted with new ones!
  • TWITTER: Follow fellow classmates and school run Twitter accounts to keep up-to-date on current events and happenings around campus.
  • SKYPE: With video chat, seeing the faces of family and friends at home can cure any case of homesickness.
  • YELP: Discover all the hottest spots to eat and drink near campus!
  • FOURSQUARE: See what's popular with students around campus, and see where all the cool kids are currently hanging out.
  • MINT: College students aren't the most fiscally responsible, but this app helps manage spending with ease.

Advances in technology are revolutionizing the college campus. Because of this, the university will continue to be an environment that cultivates innovation.

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