Plagiarism Infographic: Who Plagiarized in 2016?

Plagiarism Infographic: Who Plagiarized in 2016?

What is the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word "plagiarism"? Maybe it's well-known definition from the Merriam-Webster dictionary "an act of copying the ideas or words of another person without giving credit to that person"? I believe everyone remember their days at school during the lessons where the topic of academic honesty appeared.

But, alas, plagiarism happens not only in the classrooms. Many well-known people didn't cope with a plagiarism temptation too. Usually there is a result of such deeds. What result? A scandal.

The Plagiarism Infographic: Who Plagiarized in 2016? gives you the examples of such scandals which happened in 2016. There were many people involved in plagiarism scandals. The Unplag team selected 11 the most popular plagiarism scandals of 2016 and brought all of them to our attention.

What things this infographic could teach your students?

  1. No matter how famous you are, it doesn't mean that you could plagiarize other people works.
  2. Even if you try to conceal the fact of your plagiarism, someone will find out this (even if it takes a very long time)
  3. If you want to stay safe, just give the credit to the original author and divide his words from yours using quotes and citations.
  4. Don't forget to grow your creativity and develop the creative mindset! Your teachers are your friends, they don't want to prove that you're guilty. They want to develop your original thinking.
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