10 Steps Towards Creating the Perfect MBA Resume Infographic

10 Steps Towards Creating the Perfect MBA Resume Infographic

10 Steps Towards Creating the Perfect MBA Resume Infographic

While applying for an MBA program in Top B-schools, one spends months perfecting the GMAT score, weeks jousting with tough essay questions and suffering writers block, not to mention the days spent running behind your referees to get a decent Letter of Recommendation. Lastly the feeling of getting all the documents together and finally sending it off to the admission committee is priceless.

But Wait! Aren’t you forgetting something? You have missed out an integral part of your application. The all-important resume!

The RESUME plays a key role in creating that first impression on the ad-com members, hence care should be taken towards designing it in a manner such that that it creates a strong impact in the minds of the Ad-coms, differentiates you from the other applicants, and thus plays its part to help land you a spot in your dream school.

It is also important to know that Ad-coms come across thousands of RESUMES, and they hardly spend a minute over each one of them. So, hit the nail on the head and create a single page, to the point, resume. This works much better than a 2 or 3 page resume giving unnecessary detail about your entire life’s experience.

We understand that perfecting your resume is not an easy task and may very well put you in a predicament, but fear not.

In order to help you out, at MiM-Essay, they have created a complete 10 step guide for preparing your PERFECT MBA RESUME. It covers every factor right from the formatting and bullet point optimization to quantification, helping you gain an edge over 90% of your competitors. Check out the 10 Steps Towards Creating the Perfect MBA Resume Infographic to get a detailed information about each of the 10 points.

Via: http://www.mim-essay.com/ideal-mba-resume-format/
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