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10 Must-Have Study Habits For Student Success

10 Must-Have Study Habits For Student Success—Infographic This infographic by Writing Help reveals ten habits for every college student to develop if they want to succeed. Based on the principles of psychology and the human brain's work, it encourages better self-organization, time management, and lifestyle for proactivity, productivity, and study-life balance. The habits include: 1. […]

10 Primary Habits Of Successful Students

10 Primary Habits of Successful Students—Infographic Manage Your Time Efficiently. Some students know how to manage time and balance everything very well. Others, not so much. Manage your time efficiently with a timer. Use a timer! There’s no need to sit in your room all day or all night studying. Just because you’re poring over your textbook […]

The Evolution of College Students Infographic

The Evolution of College Students Infographic College students today differ a lot from college students of the past. The Evolution of College Students Infographic presents how college students and their technology have evolved since the 1960s. For one thing, there are so many more of them. Particularly, in the United States, there are more women […]

The Habits of Today’s College Students Infographic

The Habits of Typical College Students Infographic Textbooks Nearly three in five students (57%) report paying for textbooks themselves More than three in four students (77%) prefer to purchase used textbooks 85% percent of students purchase textbooks online Half prefer to rent and one in four (25%) prefer to purchase new Note-Taking Nine in ten […]