Your Career In Education And Training Infographic

Your Career in Education and Training Infographic

Your Career in Education and Training Infographic

Interested in working with children, young adults or people from business who are looking to develop their skills? A career in Education and Training is a great way to have fun while you build your career.

To pursue a career path in this industry, you'll need to be a firm believer in education and understand that today's children are tomorrow's future. It's also essential to have good organisational skills, as a lot of roles in this field will require day-to-day administration duties. So, what's the job outlook for those who want a career in Education & Training? Great news! The Department of Employment has stated this industry is set for growth, with small to large increases across all sectors by 2018.

Ready to explore some career options? You can learn more about the jobs you're interested in by researching each role here. Gain an understanding of the average wages, the job prospects for the next few years as well as the range of skills and competencies that you'll need to ensure career success.

Core skills you may need

Some of the skills workers in these professions have might relate to keeping children safe and healthy, promoting well-being, fostering children's development, monitoring educational services and/or working closely with businesses to create action plans for training. Curious to learn more? Research what qualifications you'll need, to work in the sector. Otherwise, take look at this snapshot of the industry above.


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