Why Microlearning Is The Future Of Corporate Training

Why Micro Learning is the future of corporate training

Why Microlearning Is The Future Of Corporate Training

Microlearning consists of small, easy to digest spurts of learning designed to meet a specific learning outcome.

Information Retention
According to a German study reported on by Lenny DeFranco, microlearning drives 20 percent more information retention than long-form training

Learning Should Match Attention Span
Spending lots of time on such gadgets sharpens certain cognitive skills. But, it also shortens attention spans. Today's company leaders must look beyond the long-form learning of yesterday. That is, if they want to develop their employees and grow their businesses.

Behavioral Change
When using 5-10 minute daily lessons, microlearning is thought to be able to change human behavior. These sessions can impact new mindsets, that lead to behavioral change.

Employees Into Experts
Managers want employees to be skilled in their job duties. Micro learning, when administered correctly, can make workers experts at their jobs.

5 Ways To Implement Microlearning

  1. Use Videos
  2. Shorten Units
  3. Allow Pace Training
  4. Gamify Learning
  5. Story-rich Training
Via: https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/3844305/WhyMicroLearningisthefutureofcorporatetraining.pdf
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