Where L&D Evaluations Go Wrong

Where L&D Evaluations Go Wrong

Where L&D Evaluations Go Wrong—Infographic

What problems could you possibly solve by making your L&D even better?

Survey Results

The Predictive Index surveyed 156 CEOs, presidents, and chairpeople to determine their top challenges. The results indicate that most business leaders are struggling with Learning and Development.

Evaluating the quality of your L&D programs through training evaluations seems like a great way to gauge the quality of your talent development initiatives and understand where they can be improved but in reality, those program evaluations are hurting their talent development.

The Fatal Flaw

Multiple studies have shown that as much as 70% of employee learning occurs on the job. And yet typically, organizations invest 85% of their resources in training events. Yet these events only contributed 24% to the learning effectiveness of the participants.

How To Fix It

Shift the main focus of your training initiatives from the learning events and training sessions to on-the-job follow-ups because that's where learning really takes place. On their own, L&D developers will struggle to improve their training programs without further involvement and support from management. This is precisely because the actual execution of learning occurs primarily where managers have the greatest impact: on the job, where learners are practically applying their training.

Via: https://www.lambdasolutions.net/resources/whitepapers-ebooks/how-training-program-evaluation-is-hurting-your-talent-development-pt1-lf1
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