What Makes A High Performance eLearning Team Infographic

High performance eLearning teams effortlessly deliver high quality projects at a much higher rate than other teams. As a result they have happier, more engaged learners. But how do they do it? What is it about their profess and systems that allows them to generate better results that other eLearning teams? Elucidat research show some interesting results.

The 10 Most Important High Performance eLearning Team Characteristics

  1. Easy to use authoring tool
    Non technical SMEs and script writers can edit courses with no training.
  2. Infinite creative possibilities
    Designers and Developers are able to create their Themes and interactions.
  3. Outside suppliers
    Managed as if they are in the office - work with freelancers and agencies on the same system.
  4. Off-the-shelf variations
    Efficiently managed from a central template - no time wasted maintaining individual variations.
  5. No LMS grief
    SCORM tracking issues with LMS are eliminated - it just works.
  6. Central system
    Whole tam working with one central system using an agreed process - No lost files or version control issues.
  7. Reduce duplication
    Support a full end to end process, from prototyping right throughout to production.
  8. No waiting time
    System ensures content publishes immediately and uploading to an LMS takes seconds.
  9. No multi-device issues
    One version for all devices - no need to maintain multiple versions.
  10. Happier learners
    More engaged and happier learners - higher quality eLearning available on any device.
Via: http://www.elucidat.com/blog/10-traits-high-performance-e-learning-team-infographic
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