What Is Business Process Automation (BPA)

What Is Business Process Automation (BPA)

What Is Business Process Automation (BPA)—Infographic

Business process automation aims to use technology and software to automate individual tasks, saving time, money, and manpower.

About 60% of companies have at least 30% of their activities automated.

The global digital process automation market is expected to grow from $9.54 billion to $12.61 billion by 2023.

Guide To Automation

  • Repetitive manual tasks
  • Tasks that are duplicated across various workflows
  • Inefficient or outdated workflows
  • Tasks that require unnecessary communication
  • Time-sensitive or urgent tasks

3 Use Cases Of Business Process Automation (BPA)

HR Virtual Assistant: 67% saving money and resources.

AI-Powered Sales CRM Assistant: 50% increase in leads and opportunities.

Smart Document Assistant: 30% reducing errors using document management automation solutions.

Benefits Of BPA

Removes Redundant Steps In Workflows

PNC Financial Services Group found that by automating business processes and rules, it saw an 80% reduction in their workload of manually reviewing bank loan applications.

Greater Stability And Accuracy

Carlsberg Denmark was able to reduce the time taken to process orders by more than 90% through BPA and at the same time, virtually removed all errors.

Faster Time-To-Market

For instance, Smart Document Assistant can help save 50% of your time from document searching.

Eliminates Unnecessary Points Of Communication

For instance, HR Virtual Assistant can help save time and increase efficiency by 93%.

Via: https://masterofcode.com/blog/everything-you-need-to-know-about-business-process-automation-what-is-it-examples-and-benefits
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