How Wearable Tech is Transforming a Coach’s Decision Making Infographic

How Wearable Tech is Transforming a Coach’s Decision-Making Infographic

How Wearable Tech is Transforming a Coach’s Decision Making Infographic

Technology companies are making massive strides in developing and marketing wearable devises for athletic teams. Companies like Zephyr Technology, Viperpod, Smartlife, miCoach, and Catapult are transforming how athletic coaches make decisions, how sports are played, and ultimately, the performance, health, and safety of professional sports players themselves. These technologies are also moving rapidly from the professional sports arena into markets for the general public. To learn more, checkout the How Wearable Tech is Transforming a Coach’s Decision Making Infographic created by Ohio University’s Online Masters in Coaching Education program.

A Wide Range of Wearable Athletic Devices

Wearable athletic devices are already here in all sizes and shapes, and new ones are continuously on the development horizon. Devises are being seamlessly incorporated into the fabric of sports apparel, built into sports equipment like balls and bats, and worn by athletes as small devices attached to the body in a waistband or skin patch. The devises then link by Bluetooth and GPS technology, relaying real-time data to coaches with laptops or other electronic devices for analyzing, recording, and responding to the information.

Sensors and devices for athletes must be almost invisible and weightless, as well as flexible, durable, and impact resistant. Simultaneously, they must produce precise measurements of biometrics like motion, heart rate, respiration, and impact. New materials like StretchSense fabric are designed to meet all of these requirements.

Devises already in use are measuring over one hundred human metrics, including heart rate, metabolism, stress load, core temperature, and physical impact from trauma. Researchers are forging ahead, designing devices which will be available in the near future to more accurately measure hydration levels and deeper aspects of physical stress and metabolic function.

Sports Teams Reducing Injuries with Wearable Technology


Sports teams of all kinds are quickly learning how wearable sports technology can improve their team’s performance and save players from injury and illness. Given the advantages gained by teams and athletes using this technology, it is likely to become a standard for all teams in the future.

Wearable Athletic Devices Industry Booming

The applications for wearable athletic technologies are expanding. While professional sports teams are forging the path forward, average people are also seeing versions of these devises for the non-professional athlete and for non-athletes. Wearable sports technologies are merging with personal medical devices which monitor individuals and communicate personal biometrics to their health care provider.

Opportunities for product endorsements for athletes and teams using these devices are another financial outgrowth of wearable analytics. Widespread distribution of personal biometric devices, fabrics, and equipment for sports teams and everyone else appears certain to grow in the future.

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