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Virtual Reality in Education in 2017 Infographic

Virtual Reality in Education in 2017 Infographic

Virtual Reality is starting to transform the classroom in 2017. A lesson about Mars can become a virtual trip to the red planet. Rather than having students read the Gettysburg Address, they can stand in the crowd to hear ol’ Abe give his speech. The fully immersive experience of VR means that study material is more engaging, more memorable and most importantly more fun!

VR allows students to visit place and time periods that would otherwise be out of reach. Using Virtual Reality students can visit distant planets, climb to the highest peaks of the Himalayas or reach the deepest depths of the ocean.

In the Virtual Reality In Education In 2017 infographic you will find ten statistics which show how education will be changed by Virtual Reality Technology. The statistics show there is serious interest from both students and teachers alike in trying out VR experiences. Technology and experiences created specifically for the educational market are growing thanks to investment flowing into the sector.

Learn more about the overwhelming interest by students in studying using Virtual Reality. See how investment is flowing to Edtech companies focused on VR. And see the challenges and opportunities that virtual reality poses for teachers.

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