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Virtual Reality in the Classroom Infographic

Virtual Reality in the Classroom Infographic

Virtual reality has been around for many years. However, it is only recently that educators have been able to start experimenting with the technology in classrooms. In particular, teachers can now use 3D drawing experiences, history lessons and game creation, etc, to add to academic experiences. Since September 2015, researchers at foundry10 have helped teachers get VR technology and studied the impacts of its introduction to students in school settings. Specifically, after a year of interviews with teachers, the Virtual Reality in the Classroom Infographic presents what VR teachers want others to know about their work with virtual reality.

 5 Things VR Teachers Want You to Know
  1. New technology allows new classroom roles.
  2. VR experiences come at all price points.
  3. VR is not just fore tech classrooms.
  4. VR re-introduces play.
  5. Potential of virtual reality in the classroom.

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