4 Questions Answered: How To Use Scenario-Based Learning And Gain A Better ROI

4 Questions Answered: How To Use Scenario-Based Learning And Gain A Better ROI—Infographic

Question 1: What is scenario-based learning?

Scenario-based learning is a popular Instructional Design approach that uses real-life situations.

  • It helps learners learn through relatable situations.
  • It can also be used to checkpoint or validate their learning.
  • Additionally, it provides room for learners to practice what they have learned (in a safe environment).

Question 2: How can you use scenario-based learning?

  • For knowledge gain
  • To improve retention and keep the "forgetting curve" at bay
  • For an effective application of learning on the job
  • To validate the learner's recall and basic comprehension (good for basic problem solving)

Question 3: What are the key benefits of scenario-based learning (SBL)?

  • It creates sticky learning experiences.
  • It facilitates problem-solving in learners.
  • It provides a guided exploration to the learners.
  • It provides a safe practice zone to gain proficiency and mastery.
  • It allows the learners to make mistakes, and through feedback, reinforce the right approach.
  • It reinforces the primary messaging.

Question 4: Can scenario-based learning impact ROI positively?

Absolutely. At EI Design, our usage of scenario-based learning for corporate training has helped our customers see the following gains:

  • Demonstrable gain for learners: Reflected in performance improvement and triggering the desired behavioral change
  • Demonstrable and positive impact on business, as learners gain new skills or improve their productivity
  • Improvement of ROI



Via: https://www.eidesign.net/4-questions-answered-how-to-use-scenario-based-learning-and-gain-a-better-roi-2/
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