The Ultimate Guide to UK Universities Infographic

The Ultimate Guide to UK Universities Infographic

The Ultimate Guide to UK Universities Infographic

The Ultimate Guide to UK Universities Infographic serves as a comprehensive guide to higher education in the United Kingdom, featuring intriguing statistics and solid advice on how to apply.

Top 10 Application Tips

1. Make contacts.

Get to know key people at the universities you're applying to before making your submission. Find out who the course leaders and academic staff are, ask them questions via email or follow them on social media to start up a dialogue and show your interest.

2. Grab their interest from the beginning.

When it comes to actually writing your personal statement, be sure to make the first paragraph arresting. Like a newspaper article, it should grab the reader's attention from the get-go.

3. Give lofts of examples.

Don't just make sweeping statements such as, 'I find history fascinating.’ Expand on this by giving examples that prove how much you love the subject.

4. Make if personal.

Don't try and use lots of big academic words to try and make yourself sound clever, keep it simple. And explain exactly why the course interests you personally.

5. Choose referees carefully.

Your application will also come with letters of recommendation. Your referees should be individuals who know you and your abilities in great depth. They should be able to give lots of examples of where your strengths lie.

6. Practice and proofread.

Do a few drafts of your application before submitting the final piece. Ask your advisors/teachers for advice along the way. Be sure to check for spelling/grammatical errors afterwards.

7. Include relevant extra-curriculars.

When including your hobbies or extra-curricular activities make sure they're relevant to the course you're applying for. Explain the skills you have developed through such and how they compliment the field of study.

8. Sell yourself.

Tell the reader why you would make a superb addition to the university. Don't be too egotistical however and definitely don't lie, because liars always get found out.

9. Think about structure.

Plan your application in advance to ensure a good structure. Make sure the piece flows well, is clear and concise.

10. Don’t miss deadlines.

Make a note of all deadlines in your diary so that you don't miss one. If your application arrives late it will look like you're not really bothered about getting a place at the university.

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