The Typical Millennial Learner Infographic

The Typical Millennial Learner Infographic

Characteristics of the Typical Millennial Learner

The Millennial generation or Generation Y is made up of people who were born between 1982 and 2000. They were born into technology and grew up tinkering with gadgets and video games. They prefer to express themselves in 140 characters instead of writing an email. They think and learn differently than the Baby Boomers. So it is no wonder that you have to revamp your training to catch their attention, hook them, and make them come back for more. Here are the characteristics of the typical millennial Learner:

1. Millennials are Tech-Savvy.

Millenials know more about and have handled more technology than the average Baby Boomer. Being online and accustomed to communicating via social media, the typical Millennial craves engagement. You have to create courses that talk to him or her and provide ample opportunities for interaction.

2. Millennials have a BYOD lifestyle and are hyper-connected.

Millenials are social and mobile people. They are always on and they expect to be able to work anywhere at any time and on any device. So, making sure learners can access your training anytime and anywhere is fundamental.

3. Millennials expect and demand instant gratification.

Millennials want relevant content and fast. They want to take only those courses that provide value and help them enhance their workplace skills. Be assured that your course will be under scanner the moment they are inside it. If you cannot hook them with meaningful content or convince them of the relevance of your course, be prepared to lose them.

4. Millennials want continuous feedback.

Since childhood, millennials have been congratulated for their efforts and receive individualized attention. Therefore, effective eLearning courses should provide feedback to learners regularly about their progress, what they have mastered, and if they have met certain goals

5. Millennials desire to explore and are lifelong learners.

Millennials want to go on adventures. Give those to them through your courses, and you’ll have them come back for more. Create eLearning courses that not only hook them but also let them interact and explore.

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