Traditional Training vs the Bite Size Approach Infographic

Traditional Training vs the Bite Size Approach Infographic

Traditional Training vs the Bite Size Approach Infographic

The Traditional Training vs the Bite Size Approach Infographic explains why Microlearning is the ideal training solution for employees’ shrinking attention spans! We need a new way to solve for society’s shift towards hyper attention and Microlearning is the answer. Small, bite-size lessons solve for dwindling attention spans, while serving learners and trainers better than traditional training in a variety of ways.

In the Traditional Training vs the Bite Size Approach Infographic you’ll learn:

  1. How we’re moving into a culture of ‘hyper’ attention and what that looks like.
  2. How rapidly changing technology is affecting individual workers, businesses, and driving a $1.3 trillion loss to the economy.
  3. How Microlearning is changing the face of training with a 300% increase in speed of production while costing trainers 50% less.

Bite size is the right size!

We’re moving from a culture of deep attention to hyper attention.

Deep Attention

Able to concentrate on one object or information stream for long periods of time, ignoring outside stimulation.

Hyper Attention

Switches focus between multiple information streams, a preference for high stimulation and lower tolerance for boredom.

Attention Spans Are Shrinking:
  • 2000 attention span 12 seconds
  • 2013 attention span 8 seconds
  • goldfish attention span 9 seconds


Technology Is Advancing

As a result of rapidly changing technology, a digital skills gap has emerged — one that is costing the U.S. economy OVER 1.3 TRILLION DOLLARS annually in lost productivity.

Training Can't Keep Up

This technological change has also led to a skills half-life of 2.5 years. Because training hasn’t kept pace, workers are falling further and further behind, putting a strain on our workforce:

  • 1/3 of workers clock over 50 hours per week.
  • 43% get less than seven hours of sleep per night.
  • 25% of execs report their communications are unmanageable.
  • 40% say they don’t have time to do the training they need.

Therefore, traditional training doesn't work.

Microlearning beats traditional training in a variety of ways:
  • Microlearning in 3-7 minute chunks matches the brain’s working memory and attention span.
  • Bite size microlearning yields an average of 4-5 learned items taken from a series.
  • Microlearning can cut development costs by 50% while increasing the speed of development by 300%.
  • Over 1.2 billion learners have access to smart devices and expect to use them.

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