Top 7 Benefits of Scenario-Based Training Infographic

Top 7 Benefits of Scenario-Based Training Infographic

Top 7 Benefits of Scenario-Based Training Infographic

Scenario or task-based learning is a training approach designed with the participants in mind and aligns with the job performance learners are expected to achieve once the training is complete. New tasks or procedures are simulated during the training, immersing learners into situations where they are allowed to practice skills, safely learn from their mistakes and acquire valuable experience. Because this type of training is more relevant to the learner, participants are often more motivated to learn which accelerates their expertise. The Top 7 Benefits of Scenario-Based Training Infographic presents the top seven benefits your learners get when you incorporate scenarios and storytelling into your instructional mix!

1. Scenarios Enable “Failing Forward":

Providing a safe place to fail helps build the capacity to fix mistakes as you would in real-life.

2. Scenarios Accelerate Time:

Allowing us to make a decision, implement it and experience its consequences all within the same exercise.

3.Scenarios Trigger Our Memories:

Creating powerful linkages in the brain

4. Scenarios are a Form of Storytelling:

Making the story relatable improves our retention

5. Scenarios Promote Critical Thinking:

Providng a context to implement our best judgment

6. Scenarios Engage Our Emotions:

Triggering our long and short term memory.

7. Scenarios Provide Shared Context:

Accelerating community building or bonding between people and improving morale

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