The Top 6 Benefits Of Cloud eLearning Authoring Infographic

The Top 6 Benefits Of Cloud eLearning Authoring Infographic

Benefits Of Cloud eLearning Authoring Infographic

The Benefits Of Cloud eLearning Authoring presents the various benefits of cloud eLearning authoring.

  1. Collaborate with your development team: cloud authoring makes teamwork a breeze. Everyone can easily comment and work together on projects.
  2. Create anywhere, anytime: since your team’s projects are in the cloud, you can get to them at your desk, at home or across the globe.
  3. Get started right away: your cloud authoring tool won’t make you wait around for installation. All you need is a web browser, and you are good to go.
  4. Use either Mac or PC.
  5. Keeps your work safe: the cloud keeps your courses safe by backing them up in secure offsite locations. Plus, you get the extra security of a disaster recovery plan ensuring full recovery.
  6. Know you can transfer your courses to the desktop.

Want to create the best e-Learning possible? Work with a team—and work well with your team. Check the article Cloud Authoring Improves Teamwork and eLearning to find out more!

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