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The Myth of Learning Styles Infographic

Advocates of the learning style theory argue that instructors can achieve much better results when they take their student’s learning style under consideration and create a course that best fits this exact style. The adversaries of the learning style theory say that this concept is misunderstood and not scientifically proven, and they argue that learning styles do make instructors understand what motivates and cerebrally stimulates their students, but they can’t guarantee a successful outcome nor predict it. So where is the truth in that and where lies the Learning Styles myth?  

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  • It is an excellent and an interesting article. Based on my personal experience as a Teacher, I would say that the course content usually dictates the format of the message being presented to the leaner. People’s background, disability, are interests are the main factors that stimulate the leaning process. For instance, it doesn’t matter how nicely you are offering your content if the recipient is not interested.