Learning Styles Infographic

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7 Different Types Of Learning Styles Infographic

7 Different Types Of Learning Styles Infographic When people identify the learning style that suits them best, they tend to stick with it. However, research has shown that the most effective study comes from blending different learning styles together. Visual Learning Visual learners do well when they use symbols, boxes, charts, and colors in their […]

What's Your Learning Style Infographic

What's Your Learning Style Infographic Have you ever wondered why you do better in some subjects than others? It may depend on your individual learning style. Your learning style influences the way you understand information and solve problems. Discover Your Learning Style There are 7 different learning styles and you can often fit into more than one […]

The Complete Study Guide Infographic

The Complete Study Guide Infographic Staying on track with studying can be a challenge, especially if there isn’t a test on the horizon. The Complete Study Guide Infographic will help you keep up to date on school work, ace your next exam, and study smarter! What’s your learning preference? Everyone studies and learns a bit differently. […]

Left vs Right Brain Infographic

Right brain versus left brain learning has been a longstanding debate among science theories around learning styles. Yet, the bottom line is that different parts of our brains take on different functions and tasks to help us learn. Developing exercises that target these areas can improve comprehension, retention and efficiency in learning new subjects. The […]

The Myth of Learning Styles Infographic

Advocates of the learning style theory argue that instructors can achieve much better results when they take their student’s learning style under consideration and create a course that best fits this exact style. The adversaries of the learning style theory say that this concept is misunderstood and not scientifically proven, and they argue that learning […]

Kinesthetic/Tactile Learning Styles Infographic

The Kinesthetic/Tactile Learning Styles Infographic explores the characteristics, learning strengths, career possibilities, and learning process for people who learn by doing. For more information about hands-on programs for kinesthetic/tactile learners, visit: http://www.pti.edu/programs However, I highly encourage you to read "The Myth of Learning Styles" “Myth: 82% thought that teaching children in their preferred learning style […]