The 2014 Internship Report Infographic

What does the internship economy really look like? How many internship programs are paying, how much, and do internships actually improve a student’s chances at landing a post-grad job? These are all big questions, especially for college students weighing internship options.

InternMatch conducted one of the largest internship surveys of all time in order to discover some of the answers. Surveying over 9,000 students from all over the U.S. and from all walks of life, The 2014 Internship Report Infographic gives insight into just what it is like to be an intern in 2014.

6 Interesting Internship Facts and Stats

These are the most interesting facts and stats presented in the infographic:

  1. 97.6% of interns recommended internships to other students
  2. As of April 15th, only 16.6% of seniors had received a job offer
  3. 68.9% of college seniors have done at least one internship
  4. Students with paid internships are three times more likely to have job offers than students with unpaid internships
  5. Students with three or more internships are twice as likely to have a job offer than students with just one internship
  6. 48.3% of internships were paid in 2014
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