What Does A Business Analyst Do? Infographic

What Does A Business Analyst Do? Infographic

What Does A Business Analyst Do? Infographic

The business analyst may and may not be IT background people, but somehow, they are connected with the projects. These roles may be from a team or sometimes can be played by an individual. As per the requirement of the organization, the profile may vary, but they are supposed to share ideas with their colleagues and team members.

They have to prepare the documents with the complete requirement by understanding it as per client expectation. So, they must be multi-talented and have an idea of all the profiles that are necessary for the organization. Business analysts work in teams that may involve the following listed roles.

So, what is the job description of a business analyst?


A business analyst acts like Liaison of your entire enterprise with the clients, stakeholders, promoters, press, everyone. He is the communication channel for inter-business and intra-business communications. He communicates with everyone required and then provides the necessary insights that are needed.

Business Development

As a business analyst, the productivity of the business of your company is your primary task to do. You have to get steady business for the company. To do that, you need to figure out ways, schedule client meetings, take care of negotiations, keep an eye on what the competitors are doing etc.


A business analyst is a professional who is required to imbibe the work process of all the departments starting with business management, to HR. You need to understand what they are trying to do and then shape the business workflow according to that. You need to have some basic knowledge of all the departments.


The major part of the BA's work revolves around seeing the changes through. This incorporates planning or developing those changes and then readying them for testing, while also assisting heavily in the testing process itself and pointing out the errors or bugs if any, and making sure that the changes are successfully deployed on all the servers or platforms where the company's system are running.

Brand Management

As a BA professional, a great deal of your work revolves around maintaining the image of your brand. You would be responsible for defining the place of your brand. You have to treat the brand as your child and cater to each and every one of its needs like marketing, designing, etc.


A major part of the job responsibility of a professional business analyst is to maintain proper documentation. Be it data repository or hard copy documentation. You need to find a system to sort, place and record it safely. This is probably because you need to hammer out details from it as and when require

Via: https://www.janbasktraining.com/blog/what-does-a-business-analyst-do/
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